Summer Programme

PEP’s Summer Programme Week 1

Jul 19 2017
Summer ProgrammeCraft ClassEvent

Week one included a trip to Perth, the first in a series of craft classes and an Edinburgh tour.

The first outing in the minibus was a relaxing trip to Perth. It was a beautiful day and the group enjoyed what was described as a ‘lazy day’ having a nosey around the shops and a visit to the local cafes. The main object of the afternoon seemed to be soaking up that lovely sun!

The first task for the craft class this year was ‘decoupage’; the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper onto it and varnishing the finished product. The group started craftily ‘upcycling’ old Christmas card boxes, designing and decorating them with paper scraps to make lovely trinket boxes. Some people then used buttons to create raised details for their designs.

The second outing saw the return of ‘Richards Tours of Edinburgh’. This year’s theme…?  “Crime and Punishment in Old Edinburgh and some Very Naughty People!”

Our driver Grant excelled in finding places to stop in the Old Town where Richard could narrate in more detail on some of Edinburgh’s nastiest crimes. These included the treatment of witches; Burke and Hare’s move into murder from mere body snatching and the treatment that finally befell Burke (public di-section).

Then there was “half hingit Maggie” the poor fish hawker whose baby was still born after conceiving out of wedlock. She was sentenced to hang but survived! Deacon Brodie the locksmith-come-burglar who hanged from the very gallows he had designed and the Porteous riots where Captain Porteous was sprung from the town jail by a mob and lynched on a driers pole.

The final stop off was a “house of ill repute” where Richard read reports on some of the working ladies of 18th century Edinburgh.  Informative, fun and a little bit grizzly! Thanks Richard.Craft Class 1

Tesco Bags of Help

May 02 2017
FundraisingSummer ProgrammeEvent

Exciting News: PEP has been chosen by the ‘Tesco Bags of Help’ scheme to be included in the May and June community vote!

Bags of Help is Tesco’s exciting local community grant scheme, where the money raised from the 5p bag charge is being used to fund thousands of local projects in communities right across the UK. This time it’s PEP’s chance to have money raised by the local community for its Summer Programme of Events.

Voting for PEP will take place in 3 local stores:
Davidson Mains Tesco, Queensferry Road Tesco Express and the large Tesco superstore in South Queensferry.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase of any value at any of the three stores listed above. You will receive one token per transaction and it's not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.

So please choose PEP, and remember to get your token


Thank you!

Tesco Tokens

Week 4 of the Summer Programme

Aug 04 2016
Summer ProgrammeEventParty

The final week of the summer programme saw visits to Stirling and Dunfermline, the final craft class and the big party at the Queensberry Bowling Club.

The buses arrived in Stirling passing the magnificent castle, with views of the highland cattle in the field below adding to the lovely scene. They were dropped off in the town centre, where everyone dispersed and headed for a cup of tea and a browse around the shops. Within the shopping centre itself, there was a display of owls which visitors could handle, pet and photograph. The weather stayed fine during the visit and many bargains were purchased in the local charity shops!

The final craft class enabled the participants to finish off their works of art in denim and felt, and for some, to start mini projects using jeans pockets as their inspiration. In this session, there were cows in their barns, houses, flowers and lovely abstract designs. This week’s home-made baking delight was a fabulous, rich chocolate cake! The craft class this year has been a great success and our thanks goes out to all the participants and to everyone who donated items for the ‘Upcycling’ crafts.

62 people were able to come along and enjoy the ever popular summer party at the Queensberry Bowling Club. The delicious summer salad was prepared diligently by staff and volunteers before being served to the party goers. There was music from Pat with dancing and singing from all the people who attended; including some fabulous Gaelic verse. Manager Helen also drew the raffle with prizes of wine, chocolate, plants and food hampers.

A huge thank you to the Queensberry Bowling club for providing the venue and bar facilities and for making us feel so welcome. Thank you also to all the staff and volunteers for their hard work and to Pat for providing the music and keeping us all entertained throughout the afternoon.

The final summer programme outing to historic Dunfermline was packed. Whilst most trip goers headed to the fantastic shopping centre with its wide variety of shops and cafes, some took the chance of fantastic weather to visit the 11th Century Dunfermline Palace and Abbey. As with Stirling; the owls were there again at the shopping centre giving people the chance to hold and stroke the lovely birds.Craft ClassParty SingingParty winnerDunfermline


Week 3 of the Summer Programme

Aug 03 2016
Summer ProgrammeCraft ClassEvent

This week’s events included a trip to Perth, the 3rd craft class, PEP’s Summer Fayre and a visit to the Kelpies and Callendar House.

The weather for the Perth trip was amazing (especially as it was raining back in Edinburgh). The two buses arrived in Perth town centre allowing people the option of enjoying the shops in the sun or visiting the ever popular St Johns shopping centre. Some people sat out at the cafes in the sunshine whilst others went in search of sale bargains. Some of the group also had the opportunity to enjoy listening to the buskers playing in the street.

The 3rd crafting session was bursting at the seams with 11 people joining in. While some were finishing of their fabulous t-shirt bags others were ready to start using another material… denim in the form of old jeans. This project was more about creating a piece of art with the theme being ‘night time’. The crafters got straight into their new task and in a very short time we had views of Arthur’s Seat, night-time Van Gogh style swirly landscapes and urban factory scenes. The tea-time treat of homemade scones finished off the session with a laugh and a chat.

As always PEP’s Summer Fayre was held in the community gardens opposite the offices at 3West Pilton Park. This year there was a pipe band and seated exercise as well as the usual BBQ and fundraising stalls. The lovely weather helped bring people out and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and helped make the day a success.

The week ended with an eagerly awaited trip to Helix Park, home of the enormous ‘Scottish Kelpies’. These 30 meter high sculptures dominate the park and are truly amazing to see. Unfortunately just as the group assembled for the Kelpies tour the heavens opened!  This led (wisely) to half the party admiring the structures from the dryness of the tearooms; whilst the remainder of the group got the true ‘water-horse experience’ (being drenched!).
The group then moved on to the lovely nearby Callendar House. It was great seeing the old building and getting a feel of its history in the vast kitchens. Despite the weather (and once they had dried off) the group had a lovely time.  

Craft ClassPipe BandDrowned Kelpies


PEP’s Summer Fayre

Aug 01 2016
Summer ProgrammeFairFayreCommunity Garden

As always PEP’s Summer Fayre was held in the community gardens opposite the offices at 3 West Pilton Park. The fayre was opened by manager Helen Tait and 5 band members from the Davidson Mains & District Pipe band. 4 pipers and a drummer started off the proceedings and played several rousing tunes expertly and professionally. The BBQ was manned by volunteers and produced a steady stream of food and drink for everyone to enjoy.

There were stalls for fundraising or giving out information; these included the Bright Sparks Nursery, The Edinburgh North West Carers, the Weekend Resource, the Neighbourhood Group, PEP Pets, Scottish Gas and Tony’s Tombola. Leanne from the Pilton Community Health Project also kept people busy with some seated exercise in the centre of the gardens. Emily also came along and provided more fun for the kids (and some adults too) with fantastic face painting.

A huge thank you to Clare and the Davidson Mains & District Pipe Bank, Leanne for the seated exercise, Emily for the face painting, Scottish Gas for volunteering and fundraising and all the other volunteers and organisations who were able to come along on the day and make it such a wonderful success. Thank you also to Morrison’s Ferry Road and the Edinburgh Cyrenians for their continued support.

Summer Fayre Pipers

Summer Fayre Seated ExerciseSummer Fayre Kids GamesSummer Fayre Face Painting

Second Week of the Summer Programme

Jul 27 2016
Summer ProgrammeCraft Class

This week’s highlights were Falkirk town, the Craft Class, the Volunteers Barbeque, Edinburgh’s ‘Curiosity bus tour’ and a visit to the Scottish Owl Centre

The week started at Falkirk and while Falkirk’s one way system got the better of the buses, it was an enjoyable visit to the town and the weather was lovely for a wander. The group were able to sit outside and enjoy their lunch in the precinct in the sun.

The craft class saw the continuation of the trendy t-shirt beach bags with many people being able to start their second design. We had butterflies, swans and an ocean going liner! This time the group also enjoyed some delicious hand baked biscuits to go with their teas and coffees. The class was packed with 10 participating

One of the highlights of the volunteers’ year is the thank you from the staff in the form of a party. Seeing as its summer and the weather was good; we held a barbeque at PEP’s offices in the sensory garden. There was a delicious spread laid on overseen by volunteer co-ordinator Elaine. There were burgers, ‘posh-dog’ hotdogs, chicken grillers and vegetarian options, all complemented with sauces, salads crisps and dips. Yum! There was also a raffle with prizes including wine, chocolates and gift sets. The weather held and the volunteers who could make it, enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with good company.
Thank you to all the volunteers who help to make PEP a continual success.

Thursday meant that it was once again time to join tour guide Richard for the ‘Curiosity bus tour’. This time the focus was learning about how land uses have changed in Edinburgh across time. They visited Saughton Gardens the site of the grand 1908 exhibition with amusements, rides and greenhouses. They stopped at The Yard at ‘The Land of Canonmills’; originally a loch with fishing and winter curling then a Gymnasium in the Victorian era. They also visited the site of Calton Gaol at Regents Road and the historic Grassmarket
The week concluded with an outing to the Scottish Owl Centre at Polkemmet Country Park. Again the weather was not favourable, but it didn’t stop the participants from enjoying themselves and getting a ringside seat for the owl flying demonstrations.

Volunteer BBQCraft ClassOwl Centre 2016


Summer Programme Starts

Jul 13 2016
Craft ClassSummer Programme

Week 1 included visits to Peebles, Edinburgh Zoo, the first in a series of 4 craft classes and the ‘Village People’ tour of Edinburgh.

The week started with a trip to historic Peebles. Unfortunately it didn’t take long after arriving for the rain to start, but it didn’t stop people having a nice look around the unique shops. One bus did make up for the weather with a nice lively sing song on the bus on the way back home!

On Wednesday the craft class started up with this year’s theme being ‘upcycling’. The participants were tasked with designing and making a ‘no-sew’ beach bag from old t-shirts. The innovative designs included flowers, the zodiac, geometric designs and a sea scene.

On Thursday, tour guide Richard took 11 lucky people around Edinburgh on a tour dubbed ‘Village People’ – looking at the lives of people from 3 different backgrounds, the rural farming community of Corstorphine, the industrial mill town of Cramond and the fishing village of Newhaven.  As always it was interesting, informative and fun!

The final bus of the week went to Edinburgh Zoo and, with many participants never having been there in 40 years, everyone was keen to see the changes to the 100 year old establishment. As a group we all visited the famous Giant Pandas and enjoyed the PEP pack lunch. The rest of the day was spent wandering taking in the animals and enjoying the sunshine.  

Craft ClassZooPicnic at the Zoo

Art Trip at The Queens Gallery

Jul 05 2016
Summer ProgrammeEvent

PEP was delighted to be invited to an art session at the Queens Gallery at the Palace of Holyroodhouse along with 10 of our members who attended this special event.
Upon arrival, PEP’s mini bus was ushered into the palace grounds before being welcomed by Neepa and Jenny from the Royal Collect Trust.  The group was escorted into The Queens Gallery for a special viewing and talk about some of the pictures on display in the ‘Masters of the Everyday - Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer’.
Illustrator Emily talked expertly on 3 of the beautiful paintings from the collection. It was interesting and fun learning about the paintings and discussing what we all thought was going on in them!      
After the talk; we went to the outreach room where a class was set up for us to try our hand at still life drawing with watercolour pencils. Emily was imaginative with our tasks and each person was challenged to draw normally, then with the alternate hand and then with 3 pencils at once! This produced some fabulous pictures… which are now on display at PEP over the summer programme.
Neepa had also arranged us space and discount at the palace café. ! This gave us the opportunity to discuss what we had seen and relax with a cup of coffee. We were also given tickets allowing us back into the gallery for the rest of the day, an opportunity that some of the group eagerly took up!
This was a very different and very exciting trip. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we would like to thank the staff at the Royal Collections Trust and The Queens Gallery for their hospitality and the chance to see the Queens collection!



PEP’s Summer Party

Aug 06 2015
Summer Programme

PEP’s big event for the final week of the summer programme was the summer party held as ever at the Queensberry Bowling Club. This year 66 people came along to enjoy the company, food and music on offer. As always the staff and volunteers outdid themselves in preparing the tables and the delicious buffet style lunch, so that everyone could have a great time. Pat Phelan provided the music with everyone joining in with their singing and dancing. As always, there was a raffle with prizes kindly donated by Morrison’s, M&S, Hibernian Football Club and McKenzie and Millar.

It was a fantastic afternoon with great company. Our thanks to the staff and volunteers of PEP, all the staff at the Queensberry Bowling club, and of course to all the people who came along to make the party such a success.



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