PEP’s Buses Vandalised… Twice!

PEP’s Buses Vandalised… Twice!

Nov 23 2016

Back on the 17th of November PEP’s drivers arrived at the bus fleet at Morrison’s car park to discover that 2 vehicles had been vandalised. One bus had both back doors smashed in and the works van, vital for the gardening and decorating service, had its front windscreen smashed.

Then less than a week later TWO MORE of PEP’s bus fleet were vandalised. This time both buses had the back windows smashed out with the large rocks used clearly on show. This senseless destruction is having a devastating knock on effect on our ability to run the transport service smoothly and affects not only PEP’s service users but also other organisations for older people who rely on the buses.

We apologise to any organisation that may have had their transport provision affected by our misfortune and are currently looking for a solution to this situation.

Bus Smashed 3Bus SmashedBus Smashed 2