Neighbourhood Group News Round Up

Neighbourhood Group News Round Up

Jan 11 2017
Neighbourhood GroupChristmas

The last part of 2016 was a busy time for the neighbourhood group. Not only were they getting ready for the Christmas celebrations and Pantomime; but during October and November they were also making bird boxes!

The bird boxes were made by the group to be part of an interactive light project that took place at Muirhouse Shopping Centre on the 25th of November. The group worked on this project with Lyndsay from ‘The Arcadeum Art Shop.’ The boxes themselves can still be seen inside the Muirhouse Shopping Centre where they will shortly being going up for auction with the proceeds to go to a local charity.

On the 13th of December the neighbourhood group also created Christmas wreathes when they visited Newhailes National Trust for Scotland. The used materials sourced directly from the Newhailes woodland along with donated cinnamon and dried fruits to create beautiful festive decorations.

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