Literacy learner Book Launch

Literacy learner Book Launch

Aug 02 2018

After almost two years of hard work, PEP literacy learner Stuart had the opportunity to launch his new book!

Stuart Runciman is a young man with cerebral palsy and has attended literacy sessions at PEP for many years. Stuart has always had a passion for action movies and thriller novels, so two years ago with the support of his dedicated keyworker Gerry, he decided it was time he would write his own novel. 

PEP’s literacy tutor Diane, also helped to support him through the entire process from the initial idea to the final book. His story shows that he has an incredible imagination and flare for creating an exciting piece of work. Stu remained focused and engaged throughout the project and demonstrated that people of all abilities and capabilities can produce works and find outlets for their creative skills.

North Edinburgh Arts and Muirhouse library also supported Stuart through his literary journey and it was a pleasure to listen to him reading from his book at the launch. His family kindly provided a buffet for the attendees and everyone, especially Stu, enjoyed the evenings event.

His story ‘The Briefcase’ takes place in Florida, a place that Stuart knows well. It incorporates suspense, intrigue and a trail of destruction! The book is on sale at PEP for only £3…. and is well worth every penny!

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