Wacky Wednesdays at PEP

Wacky Wednesdays at PEP

Feb 28 2018

Last week it was a power cut… this week its snow and freezing temperatures! But Wednesdays are turning out to be a jinxed day of the week for PEP.

Last week a power cut occurred affecting a couple of blocks of houses at West Pilton and… the office was one of those affected. As the shutters are powered there was no way to get into the office until the power returned at nearly midday. Whilst classes were cancelled, the buses all ran and no other clubs were affected.

This week it’s the buses turn as a cold Siberian blast hits the east coast of the country. While there is some snow in Edinburgh, it’s the freezing temperatures that are causing all the problems. All the local side roads are slippy making it hard for buses to get in and out. The pavements are also treacherous and not ideal for people to be walking on.

So, sorry for any inconvenience to our many service users at PEP…and to the drivers for their 'alternate duties' but the curse of Wednesday strikes again!

SnowBusy Drivers 1Busy Drivers 2