Day in the Life of a Food Deliverer

Day in the Life of a Food Deliverer

May 15 2020

“I go meet Paul the driver at the bus and we fully sanitise it before we set off. The driver does the front and I do the back so we can keep the physical distance needed to stay safe. After we have made sure that we have all the safety equipment, face shields, gloves and sanitiser, we head to the food hub at Fetlor. It’s strictly one bus in at a time so there are less people around.

The driver stays on the bus and I go in and immediately wash my hands. All the food is placed on a table, with each delivery run having a separate table. It’s great as I can just collect the correct list and all the food to go with it. 

At the moment there are around 70 meals on our run for the Monday and Wednesday run; and over 100 for the bigger delivery on the Friday. I load the bus with the crates or bags of food and we follow the route to get everything delivered to the people who need it. I made sure that I sanitise between every drop off and, while I deliver, Paul re-sanitises the bus.

When I’m at the house I put the food down first and then ring the bell or chap the door and stand well back. Because it’s a regular run it’s good to catch up with the people I see and make sure they are alright. We can have a quick blether before I get back on the bus.

After the last run we park up the bus again and make sure it is cleaned thoroughly, ready for the next delivery. It takes us about one and a half hours to do the run on a Monday and Wednesday and about two hours on a Friday.

Its good fun especially now we have a regular round to do… and its keeping me fit! I have to do some of the high-rises; it’s a long way up to the nineteenth floor! But I’ll tell you what, the views across the Forth are worth it!”

A huge thank you to Ryan, one of PEP’s many food deliverers supporting the North of Edinburgh’s food initiatives and hot ready-meal provision to local people.