Welcome to Week Seven

Welcome to Week Seven

May 04 2020

North Edinburgh Community Meal Deliveries

What Are We Doing?
• PEP is helping to deliver hundreds of meals weekly to local people.
• We are also regularly transporting a number of young people to Scran Academy to assist in their kitchen food preparation
• We have an additional van being used to transport food throughout the day to the central food hub
• Staff are also sourcing and collecting additional items needed to keep the food deliveries running effectively
• Don’t forget the remaining members of staff who are continuing to keep PEP running throughout this time!

What Are We Using?
• We currently have 8 buses going out 3 times a week on regular meal runs
• PEP’s van is being used for any additional movement of the resources needed for the Community Meal Deliveries
• Currently there are 18 members of staff and volunteers who are directly assisting with the meal runs
• And 3 members of staff continuing to keep a presence in the office

Our thanks also to everyone else working away in the background whether it be contacting service users and volunteers to make sure they are staying safe, sourcing additional materials or keeping our presence known in the community! (Remember you can check us out on Twitter too @Piltonequality)
Stay safe