Day in the Life of a Food Deliverer

May 15 2020

“I go meet Paul the driver at the bus and we fully sanitise it before we set off. The driver does the front and I do the back so we can keep the physical distance needed to stay safe. After we have made sure that we have all the safety equipment, face shields, gloves and sanitiser, we head to the food hub at Fetlor. It’s strictly one bus in at a time so there are less people around.

The driver stays on the bus and I go in and immediately wash my hands. All the food is placed on a table, with each delivery run having a separate table. It’s great as I can just collect the correct list and all the food to go with it. 

At the moment there are around 70 meals on our run for the Monday and Wednesday run; and over 100 for the bigger delivery on the Friday. I load the bus with the crates or bags of food and we follow the route to get everything delivered to the people who need it. I made sure that I sanitise between every drop off and, while I deliver, Paul re-sanitises the bus.

When I’m at the house I put the food down first and then ring the bell or chap the door and stand well back. Because it’s a regular run it’s good to catch up with the people I see and make sure they are alright. We can have a quick blether before I get back on the bus.

After the last run we park up the bus again and make sure it is cleaned thoroughly, ready for the next delivery. It takes us about one and a half hours to do the run on a Monday and Wednesday and about two hours on a Friday.

Its good fun especially now we have a regular round to do… and its keeping me fit! I have to do some of the high-rises; it’s a long way up to the nineteenth floor! But I’ll tell you what, the views across the Forth are worth it!”

A huge thank you to Ryan, one of PEP’s many food deliverers supporting the North of Edinburgh’s food initiatives and hot ready-meal provision to local people.


Welcome to Week Seven

May 04 2020

North Edinburgh Community Meal Deliveries

What Are We Doing?
• PEP is helping to deliver hundreds of meals weekly to local people.
• We are also regularly transporting a number of young people to Scran Academy to assist in their kitchen food preparation
• We have an additional van being used to transport food throughout the day to the central food hub
• Staff are also sourcing and collecting additional items needed to keep the food deliveries running effectively
• Don’t forget the remaining members of staff who are continuing to keep PEP running throughout this time!

What Are We Using?
• We currently have 8 buses going out 3 times a week on regular meal runs
• PEP’s van is being used for any additional movement of the resources needed for the Community Meal Deliveries
• Currently there are 18 members of staff and volunteers who are directly assisting with the meal runs
• And 3 members of staff continuing to keep a presence in the office

Our thanks also to everyone else working away in the background whether it be contacting service users and volunteers to make sure they are staying safe, sourcing additional materials or keeping our presence known in the community! (Remember you can check us out on Twitter too @Piltonequality)
Stay safe

Thank you to Local Stores

May 01 2020

We would like to say a huge thank you to the continuing support PEP is receiving from local businesses and food outlets.

Today we would like to thank M&S; who are continuing to arrange food donations for PEP. Driver Darin heads to the store three days a week to collect the contributions. PEP staff then sorts the food and delivers the parcels to a pre-arranged list of local people.

This provision was organised through Neighbourly, a fantastic resource connecting businesses to the local community and it’s great to see them coming together so well in this time of need.

Another ‘thank you’ for today must go out to local store Waitrose. They got in touch with an offer of some bags for the food deliveries. It was driver Rays turn to collect the donations. These bags will be ideal for carrying the food to people’s doors, particularly when there are a number of individuals receiving food in a household. This will make life for the food deliverers much easier, safer and the delivery runs more effective!

We are always looking for donations of bags to be used for deliveries and are grateful to everyone who has donated so far.

The food is all prepared in industry standard kitchens and distributed in line with Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Remember: stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

Ray BagsM&S1

A Month Of Food Deliveries

Apr 24 2020

We are now one month into our food delivery service!

Over the last 4 weeks we have worked with our partners to deliver over 9,000 nutritious meals to vulnerable people across Edinburgh.

Thanks to our friends at Scran Academy, 67 keyworkers are now trained to deliver meals in a safe and secure manner. 40 volunteers have been helping to cook, organise and deliver.

A huge thank you to everyone!

New Safety Training for Food Delivery Drivers

Apr 13 2020

Easter Saturday was a busy day for Theodora from PEP and John from Scran Academy. They used the day to co-deliver Covid-19 Safety Training Guidelines for frontline keyworkers who will be taking on roles delivering food to people who are at health or food risk during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

So far a staggering 5631 hot ready meals have been delivered across North Edinburgh and Leith, prepared by Scran Academy and delivered by PEP drivers and volunteers. It’s been an amazing effort from everyone involved.

23 volunteers joined them from various local organisations during several ‘physically distanced’ sessions! Our thanks go out to everyone who participated; and to The Spartans Academy who hosted the event and expertly made the venue safe for the attendees.

Training while "socially distancing!"


Behind the Scenes

Apr 06 2020

While the front line staff and volunteers are visible out and about in the community, delivering food to those in need; there are others who have been beavering away in the background.

Trisha Lang, PEP’s finance officer has, for the past two weeks, been organising the buses, drivers and escorts to ensure that the meal deliveries run without a hitch! She has also been ensuring that each person involved has had access to the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needed to perform their duties safely and effectively.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also been making sure that the office is sanitised every morning so that those unable to work from home are in the safest environment possible under the circumstances!

Well done – you’re a star!

Remember – please ‘Stay at home to protect the NHS and help save lives’

Food Project Update

Apr 02 2020

PEP is now working with ‘Scran Academy’, ‘Prep Table’ and ‘Fresh Start’ to create a Strategic Development Plan for meal deliveries; to be rolled out across the city. Currently the Scottish Government are being kept up to date on the initiative.

Our colleagues at ‘EVOC’; who support, develop and promote the work of voluntary and community organisations across Edinburgh; and our community Transport colleagues at ‘SEAG’, ‘LCTS’, ‘HC’L and the ‘Dove Centre’, are also all looking to get on-board and help in the efforts to ensure that vulnerable people from across the city and from walks of life get the food and assistance they need to see through the Coronavirus crisis.   

This Wednesday seven PEP buses were out and about delivering meals across North Edinburgh. So far the initiative has delivered an amazing 2295 meals. Well done to everyone involved!

Remember to follow Government guidelines and only travel if absolutely necessary; to protect yourselves, each other and our hardworking friends in the NHS!

Stay safe.

A Week of Deliveries

Apr 01 2020

Providing food seven days a week for 170 people isn’t easy. There’s a lot of preparation that needs to go in; and that’s not just the cooking!

PEP manager Helen Tait has been busy liaising with business and organisations across the whole area to ensure the food keeps coming. We received food donations from, amongst others, Morrison’s supermarket, TKMax and Greggs. This food was all delivered to Scran academy with their professional chef and excellent kitchen facilities for preparation in a safe and controlled environment.

But it’s not just food we need. Morrison’s have donated paper bags so that the food can be transported individually to each household. Boots have donated facemasks so that the workers delivering the food remain safe.

So if you see a PEP bus drive by; give it a wave! In this time of need we thank everyone for their time, efforts and donations and would like to remind people to:

‘Stay at home wherever possible; to stay safe and help the NHS’

North Edinburgh Food Deliveries Continue

Mar 31 2020

PEP is continuing to work with catering social enterprise; ‘Scran Academy’ and ‘Prep Table’ and ethical food provider ‘Union of Genius’ (UofG) to ensure that hot healthy and safe food is provided to people most at risk during the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Friday, PEP drivers collected food from UofG to take to Scran Academy for packaging into individual meals. These meals were then collected by PEP staff and volunteer drivers and handed out to local people in the community with the help of our staff and volunteer passenger assistants….. only this time our cargo wasn’t people but delicious food.  

During the last week this important service has provided over 1000 meals to those most in need! Well done to everyone involved.

A huge thank you to the local shops and businesses who have donated food and equipment to us to enable the meals to keep coming!


Food Deliveries Rolled Out

Mar 30 2020

From Friday 20th March 2020; PEP has been working hard to help out local community projects to identify individuals and distribute aid parcels and hot food to vulnerable people in the local area.

Within less than a week, we were delivering to 150 people ensuring that they had access to a hot nutrition meal for every day of the week or a food parcel.

Our thanks to all the partners including, ‘Scran Academy’ and Prep Table.

Drylaw Rainbow club’ and Low Income Families Together’ (LIFT) were able to identify those in the area who would be most in need of the service.

Our picture shows our colleague Will from ‘Scran Academy’ taking possession of a precious cargo of Stovies and Onion Bhaji’s. 


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