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Gardening at PEP

Oct 16 2019
VolunteersCommunity Garden

As part of this year’s ‘Volunteering Matters’, PEP volunteers old and new have started the process of tidying up the front garden.

We were lucky to have Steven from ‘Russell Gardening and Landscaping’ donate some of his time to supervise the rest of the volunteers and we were delighted with the results. It’s still early days though, with lots more gardening and planting to do!

We’d also like to thank our weekend volunteer Sheila for all her hard work in creating the flowering displays which has given a wonderful splash of colour to the garden.logo Volunteering Matters

Front Garden Makeover

Nov 10 2017
Community GardenWeekend ResourceVolunteers

A huge well done to the Weekend Resource and gardening volunteers for all their effort in PEP’s front garden. 

The group have been working hard since August to redesign and brighten up the entrance to the PEP Centre. They have been getting rid of some of the old plants, moving some to new homes and planting new ones, including spring bulbs, feature trees and bedding plants.

Our thanks also to Volunteering Matters for their Action Earth Grant, which has allowed us to make this project happen!

Thank you

Action Earth 1Action earth 2

Wildlife in Pilton ‘Hedgehog Rescue’

Oct 04 2017
VolunteersCommunity Garden

Whilst fixing up a garden border, George and his team became the saviours of a wee hedgehog. Hedgehogs don’t have good eyesight, so when an old fence was removed the posthole became a trap. The hog had been on his usual wanders through the gardens of West Pilton Street when he inadvertently fell down the hole; a hole that to him had suddenly appeared overnight.

George and Peter found the hog stranded and curled up at the bottom of the deep post hole. Armed with 2 pairs of thick gloves they carefully eased the hog out and set him down in the nearest bush to recover. George then filled the hole with stones making sure that no other animal would suffer the same mishap.

Hedgehogs are hardy little things and I’m sure other than being hungry and thirsty he’ll recover well. Remember with the autumn setting in to always check piles of leaves for hogs before burning them. Hedgehogs are a native species and important for gardens, so thanks to George and his team for helping to keep them safe.


PEP’s Glorious Garden!

Aug 28 2017
Community GardenNeighbourhood Group

After a lot of hard work from the Neighbourhood Group and the Weekend Resource, the rear garden has been producing some wonderful food.

So far the groups have used courgettes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, peas and rhubarb. The carrots, tomatoes and potatoes should be next on the dinner plates with broad beans still growing well. The final crop will be sweetcorn; the cobs are growing well, but with the best of the summer behind us, the race to get them ripened is on!

The side garden has also yielded some soft fruit; redcurrants and gooseberries with blueberries still ripening on the bush. It’s been a great first year for the new garden… we look forward to next year!

Final garden 1Final Garden 2Final Garden 3

PEP’s Garden Takes Shape

May 09 2017
Neighbourhood GroupCommunity Garden

Espe from the ‘Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust’, paid PEP several visits this week to start the planting up of the office side garden. The Neighbourhood Group helped out, choosing areas, digging holes and planting a selection of currants, blueberries and herbs. They also filled the upcycled hanging baskets preparing them for planting. The Weekend Resource joined in too and helped Espe fill the recycled tyre planters with rhubarb, strawberries and carrots.

Amazingly, the weather stayed lovely for the full week making sure the most was made of everyone’s time in the garden. Thanks Espe!

Garden 2Garden 3Garden 3

Garden Makeover at PEP

Feb 02 2017
Community GardenNeighbourhood GroupWeekend Resource

PEP’s sensory garden at the rear of the office has always been a favourite spot for people to sit out at and enjoy the famous elusive Scottish sun. But over the years the garden has become more and more wild, with large plants taking over and ivy covering half of the area!

We were delighted then that the PEP Neighbourhood group’s continued working partnership with ‘Edinburgh Lothian Greenspace Trust’ has culminated in the Trust providing funding for the garden to have a complete makeover.

The Trust employed contractors to come in and completely redesign the space, with input from PEP service users, volunteers and staff. The three contractors wasted no time in getting to work and digging out all the old established plants and readying the ground. New steps were built with a path to access the upper levels of the gardens and fabulous planters have been created from old tyres; not only for recycling, but also to enable people with all abilities to get involved in gardening.

The team even created a foldaway work table meaning that potting can be done by the group on site and then be cleared away to make the most of the space. The side garden has also been cleared with a path created to what will be PEP’s soft fruit area.

Whilst there is still a lot of work to do, with the contractors coming back in a few weeks to continue their amazing work, the garden is already vastly different with more light and more space for gardening. Once the work is completed the Neighbourhood group will set to work to plant up the garden once again with the help of Edinburgh Lothian Greenspace Trust and the Weekend Resource will be decorating the planters to bring more colours into the space.

(Have no fear; the removed plants will all be rehomed over at the community garden!!)

Garden Makeover 3Garden Makeover 1Garden Makeover 2


PEP’s Summer Fayre

Aug 01 2016
Summer ProgrammeFairFayreCommunity Garden

As always PEP’s Summer Fayre was held in the community gardens opposite the offices at 3 West Pilton Park. The fayre was opened by manager Helen Tait and 5 band members from the Davidson Mains & District Pipe band. 4 pipers and a drummer started off the proceedings and played several rousing tunes expertly and professionally. The BBQ was manned by volunteers and produced a steady stream of food and drink for everyone to enjoy.

There were stalls for fundraising or giving out information; these included the Bright Sparks Nursery, The Edinburgh North West Carers, the Weekend Resource, the Neighbourhood Group, PEP Pets, Scottish Gas and Tony’s Tombola. Leanne from the Pilton Community Health Project also kept people busy with some seated exercise in the centre of the gardens. Emily also came along and provided more fun for the kids (and some adults too) with fantastic face painting.

A huge thank you to Clare and the Davidson Mains & District Pipe Bank, Leanne for the seated exercise, Emily for the face painting, Scottish Gas for volunteering and fundraising and all the other volunteers and organisations who were able to come along on the day and make it such a wonderful success. Thank you also to Morrison’s Ferry Road and the Edinburgh Cyrenians for their continued support.

Summer Fayre Pipers

Summer Fayre Seated ExerciseSummer Fayre Kids GamesSummer Fayre Face Painting

Community Garden Makeover

Apr 08 2016
VolunteersCommunity Garden

During March, Chris Peach from ‘The Conservation Volunteers’ has headed a successive team of volunteers from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to start landscaping PEP’s community garden at West Pilton Park.

Over 6 sessions’ 65 RBS volunteers have started the redesign and redevelopment of the garden to make it more accessible. The volunteers have worked incredibly hard removing turf to lay a path from the garden entrance down to the vegetable plot. They also worked tirelessly on weeding the garden beds.
The last group of volunteers also worked on the raised beds, removing the damaged coursing and learning to re-lay the brickwork under the watchful eye of PEP volunteer ‘Shugs’.

If that wasn’t enough, the volunteers also looked at managing the sensory garden, cutting back the mature plants to allow more light into the back garden area and office itself.

Their hard work has made both garden areas more accessible and enjoyable for our service users to visit and we cannot thank them enough for their amazing hard work and diligence to the tasks. We must also give a huge thank you to Chris for setting up and managing the whole process for RBS and PEP.  We look forward to welcoming them back in the near future.

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