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Panto Time a Huge Success

Dec 20 2018

On the 13th December the Granton Baptist Church hosted PEP’s 2018 Christmas show; the hall was packed with up to 140 people who came along to enjoy the festive evening.

Dancers from the ‘Edinburgh Dance Academy’ kicked off the evening with a variety of routines. Their dancing was amazing and the girls and boys wowed the audience with their talent and inspired routines and costumes. They are always a delight to watch!

It’s Almost Christmas!

Dec 06 2018

The Craft group celebrated the run up to Christmas with their traditional Christmas crafting session.

This year the group focused on fluffy Christmas decorations and an ambitious 3D advent calendar. Needless to say; there was glue everywhere!

Panto Time at PEP

Nov 28 2018


Nov 27 2018

If you need to get out for your weekly shop

Our volunteer drivers at your front door will stop

And if your legs are weak and you walk with an aid

They will help you on the bus and they don’t want paid


They will also take care of all your decorating needs

Cut your hedge, your grass and pull up your weeds

And for those who are elderly, isolated and alone

Our volunteers will take time to visit you at home


Got a Co-op Card?

Nov 22 2018

Now you can support PEP!

Hello PEP

Welcome to the Co-op Local Community Fund

The Co-op Local Community Fund helps to support local projects that our members care about. Since its launch in 2017, Co-op members have raised £39 million pounds for over 12,000 local causes. We’re delighted that Pilton Equalities Project will now be able to access this funding opportunity.


Nov 19 2018

LOOPs Discover North West Magazine - Issue 4

Nov 14 2018

LOOPs (Local Opportunities for Older People) Discover North West Magazine - Issue 4 is out now!

If you would like a copy please contact Ryan or Rachel at PEP or check out the LOOPs website at for an on-line copy or more information.

Tony's War Time Memories

Nov 14 2018

World War Two veteran, and PEP stalwart, Tony Delahoy shared some of his war-time memories with the Edinburgh Evening News.


Neighbourhood Group visit the Community Shed

Oct 19 2018

Recently the Friday Neighbourhood Group has been visiting the new ‘Community Shed’ at North Edinburgh Arts.

They are currently making a garden bench from reclaimed wood for PEP’s garden. The wood includes old floorboards burnt in a fire and the group have been sanding them down to make them useable.  The seat will also have inserted glass beads as decoration.

Literacy learner Book Launch

Aug 02 2018

After almost two years of hard work, PEP literacy learner Stuart had the opportunity to launch his new book!

Stuart Runciman is a young man with cerebral palsy and has attended literacy sessions at PEP for many years. Stuart has always had a passion for action movies and thriller novels, so two years ago with the support of his dedicated keyworker Gerry, he decided it was time he would write his own novel.