Transport Services

Transport Services

Through our participation in ECTOG (Edinburgh Community Transport Operators Group) PEP has been assigned as the community transport operator for North Edinburgh.

The buses are available for hire any time of day or night, 365 days a year to affiliated members.


MiDAS and Affiliation

All our buses are fully maintained and driven by qualified MiDAS drivers. The bus runs are also supported where necessary by trained volunteer passenger assistants.

  • Yearly affiliation fees for funded groups, community centres...etc. — £20 plus £55 annual Crash Damage Waiver
  • Yearly affiliation fees for small unfunded groups  — £10 plus £25 annual Crash Damage Waiver


  • Self-hire minimum hire charge - £30 per day
  • With-driver minimum hire charge for groups - £40 per day
  • 75p per mile - first 30 miles (56p per mile - all additional miles)
  • 47p per km - first 30 km (35p per km - all additional km)

Please note:

All groups hiring PEP minibuses outside of PEP's working hours of 9am—4.30pm Monday to Friday, will pay the charge of £30 per day plus mileage and must also pay own relief  driver costs. This also applies to weekends.

For more information on hiring the buses please contact Trisha at PEP on Tel: 0131 315 4466

Or alternatively you can send an email to:

MiDAS Assessments

PEP can also provide MiDAS assessments for drivers costing £55 per individual.

For more information on MiDAS please contact Theodora at PEP on: 0131 3154466