Daycare Clubs

Daycare Clubs

Please note that our day-care services are CURRENTLY SUSPENDED due to the CORONAVIRUS outbreak (April 2020)


PEP runs social & lunch clubs in the local area. Each of our clubs caters for a specific age and ability range and offers the opportunity to get together with friends and have a blether.

Group members have said ‘Without the clubs I would be stuck in the house with nothing to do. I’ve made a few good friends along the way too.’ And “I have met a lot of very nice people in the club and the volunteer drivers and helpers do a wonderful job”

The clubs provide entertainers, sing-alongs and screenings of movies from times gone by. The clubs also provide the chance to learn new things like how to work computers, arts and crafts, and gentle exercise.

There are also occasional outings to places of interest.

The Clubs

Monday: MAGIC Club 11.30am—2.30pm

At Granton Community Hub, Granton Park Avenue
The MAGIC club offers a lunch
Cost: £2.50 plus £1.50 for transport

Monday: Dunedin Club 12pm—3 pm

At Royston Mains Close
Dunedin club offers a lunch
Cost: £2.50 plus £1.50 for transport

Tuesday: Smarties Club 10am—12.45pm

At St David’s Episcopal Church, Royston Mains Place
Smarties club offers breakfast and homemade soup plus tea and cakes
Cost: £2.50 plus £1.50 for transport

Thursday: Chummy Club 10am—1pm

At Queensberry Bowling Club, Pilton Drive North
Chummy club offers breakfast and a lunch
Cost: £2.50 plus £1.50 for transport

Friday: Cheery Club 10am—12.30pm

At Granton Crescent Community Room, Granton Crescent
The Friday club offers breakfast and a lunch
Cost: £2.50 plus £1.50 for transport

The clubs make every effort to accommodate any requests by the service users. Transport to and from the clubs is provided, and each club has a membership of approximately of 20 people.

The clubs are organised by staff who are assisted by our team of volunteers. For more information click here or call PEP on: 0131 315 4466