Weekend Resource

Weekend Resource

The Resource Group is a friendly place open at weekends for those aged 50+ living in the North Edinburgh Area who are lonely and sometimes cannot cope. For £5 a day, PEP offers transport, lunch and a wide range of activities.

The aim of the programme is to provide support, ensure social inclusion and offer fun activities for those aged 50+. The group is run by 2 trained staff members who conduct one-to-one meetings with group members when required.

It offers a range of learning opportunities such as digital photography and how to use a computer. Other activities include live musical entertainment. We organise outings to places of interest or shopping trips. The participants also have access to a community garden where they can assist with gentle gardening for the upkeep of the area. 

The Weekend Resource Group operates from PEP’s offices at 3 West Pilton Park, and is open both Saturday and Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.

Transport is also available on request. For more information please contact: Moira Stone on 0131 315 4466 Monday to Friday, or on 0131 311 7178 at weekends.